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    2022-05-18 14:08






    The three stages of a fly's life, including egg, larva and pupa, are spent in rotten breeding organisms. Therefore, the best time to eliminate flies is to deal with the breeding organisms, which can greatly reduce the number of flies.

    A fly killing lamp with physical fly catching can be used indoors, which can effectively attract flies into the room and kill them with high-voltage electricity.

    Fly traps are placed indoors, and the rotten meat liked by flies is used as bait. Combined with the phototaxis and upward flight characteristics of flies, flies are lured into traps, so they can't escape.

    Use contact insecticides to kill and cure, and spray them on walls, screen windows, wall corners, staircases, etc. as long as flies contact, they can play a contact killing role.

    In addition, in addition to the above, there are drugs containing furamethoxam, which can also be used to kill flies. Similarly, they are colorless and tasteless. Furamethoxam has no tendency to avoid, and the flies will still approach where it has been sprayed, but the flies exposed to the drug will die.

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