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    2022-04-02 15:28








    Fill a large bowl with vinegar. Don't fill it up, because you have to soak the towel in it.

    Put the towel into a bowl and soak for at least 5 minutes. The cloth needs to be soaked, or the insects will climb out from under the cloth and escape.

    Put a towel soaked in vinegar on each drain pipe of the house. This should be done when some windows can be opened, because the house will give off a strong smell of vinegar.

    Pour at least one cup of vinegar on the towel. If possible, avoid using sinks that have been treated for hours. If one of the sinks needs to be used, replace the towel immediately and pour more vinegar into the pipe to ensure that the water does not dilute the treatment solution.

    After a few hours, remove the towel. Do not rinse the sink, but wait until it is used normally before dispersing the vinegar. This treatment will kill some insects and drive others out of the house or where they have been treated by killers.

    At home, we can also take some existing measures to eliminate cockroaches. Cockroaches like the smell of washing powder very much. As long as you sprinkle the washing powder on the ground, cockroaches will eat the washing powder and die. This method of removing cockroaches is very efficient, direct and simple, and will not have any side effects.

    This is a very convenient method, which will not affect your home life and can effectively eliminate cockroaches.